Irrigation Systems

Irrigation System

Your Lawn or Garden Gets Thirsty!

Let’s face it: Water is the life-blood of everything living. Your lawn or garden is no different. Our irrigation systems will not only keep your lawn or garden looking alive, it will help control, and sometimes lower your watering bill. Our irrigation systems can:
  • Use your water supply more efficiently
  • Not operate when it’s raining, or the lawn is already moist
  • Keep your lawn or garden alive
  • Be set to operate in cycles at any time
  • Be set to run on alternating days
  • Get rid for the need of moving sprinklers and hoses
  • Be designed and installed for any lawn or landscape
  • Make you a happier homeowner!
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U.S. Lawns has always been a green company, long before “green” was a buzz word. Our professional practices encourage water conservation, minimize waste, protect natural habitats and promote plant health and longevity. In everything we do, we seek to create a more sustainable planet. Because quality of life makes all of our lives better.

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